Science Labs

Piyush College takes pride in its well-equipped science laboratories. These specialized spaces allow students to translate theoretical concepts into practical understanding. Here’s a glimpse of our science labs:

  • Modem Tissue Culture Lab: In this lab, students explore plant tissue culture techniques, studying cell growth, differentiation, and regeneration. It’s a hub for research in agriculture, biotechnology, and horticulture.

  • Biochemical and Chemical Lab: Here, budding scientists conduct experiments related to biochemistry, organic chemistry, and chemical reactions. From analyzing enzymes to synthesizing compounds, students gain hands-on experience.

  • Physics Lab: Equipped with precision instruments, the physics lab enables students to verify physical laws, perform experiments on mechanics, optics, and electromagnetism, and deepen their understanding of the natural world.

  • Biology Lab (Zoology and Botany): This lab is a hub for studying living organisms. Students examine specimens, dissect organisms, and explore ecological interactions. Whether it’s understanding animal behavior or plant adaptations, the biology lab is a place of discovery.